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Longest Week of My Life – Week 1



Well, it’s been the longest week of my life! Honestly it feels like I’ve been here for months.

mtc- names tagsSo, after I walked away, I got my books, my name tag, and the key to my room. We went to my room and dropped my bags off, then, we went to the building where my class was and went straight to class. I walked in and there were some Elders already there. The teacher said, “Ciao!” and then some other Italian that I don’t remember and didn’t know. He hasn’t said one word of English…it’s super hard and I want to speak Spanish because I took it in high school. But, I realize that it’s not the same which makes it hard. But, it’s super helpful cuz I already know how to conjugate.

I’m in a trio so I have two companions. Anziano Brooks and Anziano Rizzo. It’s cool having 2 companions especially because they’re so different. Brooks is from Bountiful and he played football there. Also, he wears his Stance socks with the Stance logo on the inside of his feet, so we’re homies:). Anziano Rizzo is from Niciski Alaska. He likes drama and theater. He’s a cool guy! So funny.

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