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Study – Study & More Study – Week 2

 Dear Family & Friends

It’s been a solid week full of lots of study.  Our schedule everyday is:

  • Wake up at 6:30 and get dressed and ready for the day and in class by 7:00.
  • Then we have additional study time for one hour.
  • We then have breakfast and gym time. Gym lasts for 50 min. then we have to get ready and showered and into class. We only have 30 min. from the end of time time, se we have to haul.
  • Then, we have 3 hours of study time (personal, companion, and language.)
  • Then we have lunch and then have 4 1/2 hours of study with a teacher.
  • Dinner is around 5:00 and then we have 3 more hours of study with a different teacher.
  • At the end of the day, we have, like, 50 min. to get ready for bed, relax a bit and then lights out.
  • Then we repeat.

It’s long hard days but they’re good and we’re learning a lot. It’s more gospel study then I thought and less language but its good. It is hard to teach all of our lessons with limited vocabulary though.

MTC goodies

The food is getting worse but ya know, it’s not that bad. I love the packages with all of the goodies. The mini football and tennis balls are so fun to play with and the food is very nice 🙂 You guys have no idea how much it means. They’re honestly the best to get and it makes the whole day better when you get a letter/package. The snacks are soooo good, especially at night. We’ve been using the football in class to help us practice our Italian. The tennis balls are helping to keep the knots out of my back too. So thank you! You guys are doing great:))


Conference was good. I loved the Priesthood session but we all thought it was rude that Elder Holland talked about moms. That one pulled at my heartstrings.

We had a good devotional yesterday from Whitney Clayton. He talked about how we’re a part of the most important work right now. I really liked Moses 1:39 this week. I think it’s cool that we’re literally doing God’s work and glory.

“For this is my work and my glory–to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.” Moses 1:30

I’ve decided the only difference between the MTC and prison is that your family can visit you in prison. I don’t really know what else to tell you guys! Every day here is the same!

Well, that’s all from me this week!

Ciao mi amici!

Anziano Griffiths


***Here are a few additional points of interest that Braden had made in some of his hand written letters home.

Braden is in a trio with Elder Brooks from Bountiful, Utah and Elder Rizzo from Alaska. Of course we inquired about how this came to be.

Elders Juhauz & Griffiths

Elders Juhauz & Griffiths

He said that Elder Juhauz (you-haz) is already quite fluent in Italian and would only be at the MTC for two weeks. Braden thought after Juhauz left they would break up of the trio. However, it turns out that Elder Juhauz is staying for the entire 6 weeks, so it looks like Braden and his comps will remain a trio.

Interestingly enough, prior to the mission, Braden had actually made a connection with Elder Juhauz via Facebook. Elder Juhauz is from Hungary and currently the Zone Leader in their Zone.

He said that he really likes his teachers. He said his male teacher is really cool and super funny, but says he never speaks English.  He has two Sister teachers that are “Sooooo Awesome” and speak to them in just a bit of English to help them. However, most of the training is in Italian. He feels like the language is coming along pretty well though.

Milan & Rome MTC Branch

Milan & Rome MTC Branch

This photo in front of the temple is his zone. Braden is kneeling next to an Elder with blond hair. This is Elder Olson from Cedar City. Braden said that he really likes him and the he’s “way cool” and that they are very similar.


Elders: Rizzo-Bataglia-Marriucci-Juhauz-Brooks-Griffiths-Dohms

We though this was very interesting. Several of his companions in his district have ties to Italy.

  • Elder Rizzo, his companion. His ancestors are from Sicily.
  • Elder Bataglia, his district leader. His ancestors are from Palermo, Sicily.
  • Elder Marriucci, from London England. His ancestors have to be Italian.
  • Elder Griffiths, (alias, Elder DiStefano) His ancestors are from Palermo, Sicily and Petina (inland from Naples.)

Apparently, last week they made a trip to Salt Lake City on the Front Runner. They had to go to the Italian Consulate to get their visas. He said, “I have to be honest, passing AF on the train made me a little homesick. So, I’m glad that P-day is tomorrow because I think that will make me feel better.”

Thanks to all for your love and support.

Wade and Lisa




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