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It’s So Hard – But It’s Good – Week 3

Twins - Griffiths & Olson

Twins – Griffiths & Olson

Well, not a whole lot happened this week. The same thing happens every single day so it’s hard but it’s good. On Sunday, Chad Lewis and Taysom Hill came and talked to us at our devotional. It was AMAZING!!! I tried to talk to Chad because my dad knows him but he slipped out the back pretty quick.  It was super good.

Taysom had an amazing testimony of how everything happens for a reason and God puts you where you’re supposed to be. It was awesome.

Everyday we teach at least 2 lessons in Italian so that’s going well. Also Elder Brooks and I are doing really well in Italian… we’re killing it.  We have The First Vision and our missionary purpose memorized. We always teach in a trio so that can be interesting because you really have to focus when it’s not your turn to talk. It’s getting easier to understand when our teachers talk so that’s good.

I’m dying to get to Italy but at the same time, my language is no where near ready. I have been moving ahead on my own and learning past tense conjugations because I need to know those and I was ready for it. Our one investigator can’t read so its been hard to teach her without the scriptures.

 The Good & Hard

Dad asked if was gaining any weight, maintaining, or losing. Well, I’ve been maintaining so far but I have been bombarded with sweet stuff, so I’ll let you know after we finish this huge garbage bag full of caramel popcorn from Nana. We feed it to everyone in our zone and bring it to class so they love it, hahah.

Three things that are really good here in the MTC: 1. Gym time, it’s the only time we’re not in the class room 2. Language study because I’m doing pretty good and I feel it’s important and 3. The spirit is so strong here always.

Rizzo ? Olson - Griffiths ?

Rizzo ? Olson – Griffiths ?

Three things that aren’t so good: 1. The food.  2. I’m tired a lot.  3. Studying is hard and it’s hard to be so close to home but not be home.

Night Games

 At night before we go to bed, sometimes we will play a game we made up called “Shoeball”. It’s like wiffle ball and we play it in the dorm hallway with a shoe (as a bat), a tennis ball and 1 base.  It’s super fun and it’s a nice break from long study sessions.

 I miss the fam and wrestling with Barrett, and catch with Landon, and insta with Josie. It’s hard but it’s good here, it really is! I really don’t have very much to say.

 The Church Is True

The church is so true. You can see how much it blesses lives. The spirit in the MTC is amazing. And, I’m so excited to go to Italy. The days are long but the weeks are short. I wish more happened that I could tell you all about, but there’s really nothing …. ciao ciao for now.

Anziano Griffiths

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