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Longest Week of My Life – Week 1



Well, it’s been the longest week of my life! Honestly it feels like I’ve been here for months.

mtc- names tagsSo, after I walked away, I got my books, my name tag, and the key to my room. We went to my room and dropped my bags off, then, we went to the building where my class was and went straight to class. I walked in and there were some Elders already there. The teacher said, “Ciao!” and then some other Italian that I don’t remember and didn’t know. He hasn’t said one word of English…it’s super hard and I want to speak Spanish because I took it in high school. But, I realize that it’s not the same which makes it hard. But, it’s super helpful cuz I already know how to conjugate.

I’m in a trio so I have two companions. Anziano Brooks and Anziano Rizzo. It’s cool having 2 companions especially because they’re so different. Brooks is from Bountiful and he played football there. Also, he wears his Stance socks with the Stance logo on the inside of his feet, so we’re homies:). Anziano Rizzo is from Niciski Alaska. He likes drama and theater. He’s a cool guy! So funny.


The first night we finally got in bed and we had the alarm set for 6:20 so we would for sure be on time. We put the alarm by Elder Rizzo because he said he wouldn’t fall back to sleep after it went off. Well the alarm clock fell off the bed and landed on the ground. We were all so tired and finally get in bed and decided that it would be just fine…it wasn’t. Turns out the batteries fell out of the alarm clock and we woke up at 8:00 instead of the usual 6:30. We missed all of personal study and breakfast. We ate though. They were really nice and said if we were fast we could still eat. But, because we ate, we missed half of gym time as well. You could say it was a rough start at the MTC. Now we are determined to be on time to EVERYTHING and we are doing way good at that.


Cafeteria-So the food here is “eh.” While you’re eating it, it’s not that bad but you never feel good after. It’s like a buffet of school lunch food. Some meals are definitely better than others. I eat a lot of salad so hopefully I don’t gain the MTC weight. I eat salad cuz it’s like the only thing that’s fresh. lol

The Italian is progressing and so far I can pray and we’ve taught two lessons… and we teach our third lesson today. It’s hard in Italian but we’re getting better.

THEY HAVE SPIKEBALL HERE!! It’s the greatest thing ever!! I taught my zone how to play so we play it for our gym time sometimes. I see lots of people that I know here and its hard to call them Elder!

I think I’ll be able to get on the computer later again today but we have to go for right now. I’ll send pictures of my companions and things later.

See you guy! Love you!! Ciao!!! Also, thanks so much for the package, it was awesome!!! We love the M&Ms and the football. It’s the best!! Also, thank grandma for her package, everyone was sooo happy:)) they all love it:)

Ciao Ciao~!!

Elder Braden Griffiths

P.S. Looks like our P-day will be Wednesdays.

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