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Flying the Coop – Week 5



(Good Morning)

Last P-day in the MTC… Finally! I’m so ready to go to Italy. The MTC has its perks though: It’s really easy to get mail and packages and you don’t have to cook for yourself! But honestly, I’d rather cook than eat styrofoam veggies. Anyways, it’s hard being here because I can walk to two of my aunt’s houses or either of my grandparent’s houses in like 15 min. or to Miranda’s dorm in about 2 min. I am excited to go and find out where my first area will be.

Departing for Milan

We leave the MTC at 4:00 am on Tuesday, November 10th and our flight leaves Salt Lake City at 9:00 am. We fly into Dallas Texas, then to London, then to Milan. We will have 27 hours of travel time so that’ll be fun….not. But ya know, Italy is at the end of that so I can’t complain there. I’ve heard we will proselyte in front of The Duomo, which is the most famous cathedral and landmark in Milan, so that’ll be so cool. But, we will get there at noon so we’ll be SUPER tired.milan-italy1

Richard J Maynes of the Seventies

Well, this week we were playing volleyball and Anziano Mariucci ( the one from England) hit the ball and it flew behind him and hit the fire alarm. Well the alarm went off and, needless to say, our gym time ended early that day…lol. We had a speaker yesterday. It was Richard J Maynes of the Seventy. He told us to always be finding people to teach and to keep our companionships on fire! It was a super good talk and a great last push before the mission. Well, that’s all I have for ya! Next time it’ll be from Milan so I’ll have a lot more to tell you and a lot of new pictures as well. Thank you all for the love and support.

Ciao Ciao For now!!!
Anziano Braden Griffiths

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