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Pies, Ties and Slight Goodbyes

On September 9th, the Kinghorn side of the family got together for a little “Farewell” party. My Aunt Lori, my mom’s youngest sister, came up with a fun idea…an evening of “Pies, Ties and (slight) Goodbyes.”

The notion was, we would all gather in Nick and Lori Rhineer’s backyard and everyone would bring a tie, along with a favorite scripture to share with me. And then, we would feast on pie. (Boy, the pies were sure good!)

It was a great evening and the weather was super. My Grandpa Kinghorn came with a surprise addition to the celebration. He brought all of his old ties that he did not want anymore and shared them with all the grands. Every guy and gal was included. It was a great idea, not only because it “Tied” into the celebration, but because everyone left with a special item of Grandpa’s to take home.

(By the way, Grandpa Kinghorn and I share the same birthday, December 11th. I just made it before the stroke of twelve. Grandpa is known by the nick-name of “Spike,” therefore I’m named Braden Spike Griffiths.  I’m proud to be named after a wonderful man that I admire so much.)

Back to the story: The ties were lined up in a row and all the kids picked out the tie they liked best but not, of course, before I opened my gifts and read the scripture or thought, that was attached.

Braden-Ties-The evening was a great success, especially because I received a lot of great looking ties to take with me on my mission. (The mission dress standard is now allowing more flashy ties than before, which I say, “It’s about time.”) It was also meaningful to learn what scriptures or sayings were important to each individual.

Of course, we all had to pose with our new ties, but not before Dad, Uncle Zack, my brother Barrett, and cousin Lucy, checked them out. First the guys had to strut our stuff for the camera and then the girls joined in.
Braden-&-Scriptures-Dads & TiesGuys-strut-tiesGuys and gals

Thanks Nick and Lori and the Kinghorn gang. It was a lot of fun and I appreciate all of your generosity.

There were a lot of great pies.

Grandpa’s Surprise
Grandpa tiesReady Set Go – “Choose”
Grandpa-Kinghorn-tiesA thought from my mom