About Braden Griffiths

Braden one month to goI was born in Provo, Utah on December 11th, 1996, which is also my grandpa’s birthday. Because of this, I am named after my grandpa, Spike Kinghorn. So my name is Braden Spike Griffiths. I lived in Orem until I was 5 years old, then moved to American Fork where I have lived ever since.

I have the greatest family in the world.  They have always been supportive of anything I have wanted to do, from baseball to my interest in video production and my Church assignments. Check out their bios.

I went to Shelly Elementary, American Fork Junior High, and American Fork High School. In High School, my favorite class was Kave Tv. I took it my junior year because I didn’t really know what it was. The teacher was new, it was his first year teaching, his name is Zac Durrant. He was pretty much the only reason I stayed in the class, and I’m so glad that I did. I now love filming and I owe it all to him, and my first year in Kave Tv.

Good Friends

I have been lucky to have many great friends in my life. My closest group of friends started in Junior High and High School I had 4 best friends, Tyler McBride, Stevie Harrison, Hunter Clark, and Rooney Rich. Everyone knew us as, “The Chums”. Our senior year we had a friend Andrew Maxwell who joined the crew. We did everything together. They are all serving missions right now.

  • Stevie: Japan, Tokyo South Mission
  • Hunt: Japan, Tokyo South Mission as well
  • McBride: Omaha, Nebraska Mission
  • Roon: Portugal, Lisbon Mission
  • Amax: Brazil, Piracicaba Mission

I am so grateful for them they have been a great example to me and been a huge influence on me and my choice to serve a mission.

I have been blessed with many other friends who have also chosen to serve.

  • JJ Litster: Australia, Sydney Mission, Korean Speaking
  • Buzz Beeson: Australia, Perth Mission
  • Davis Allen: Maryland, Baltimore Mission
  • Ryan Brown: Singapore, Mission
  • Cole Farnsworth: Uganda, Kampala Mission
  • Matt Gardner: Mexico, Chihuahua
  • Nate Jones: Spain, Barcelona
  • Mathew Brown: Argentina, Santa Fe

They have also had a huge impact on my life and influenced my decision to serve a mission.

I have also had a great friend Miranda, we have known each other since Jr. High School and even realized that we sat at the same table in Film Study in 7th grade. In our Junior year of High School Mir slid into my DM’s on Twitter and asked if I wanted to go to a movie. Of course, I said, “Yes,” because she’s gorgeous, and who doesn’t want a movie with a gorgeous girl like her?

We went and we had a great time, but we kinda stopped talking after…until one day a week or two later she told me how “ugly” my Yankees hat was. We started talking again and that night I asked her on a date to Temple Square. The date was fun and we had a great night after that date we continued to talk, and from then on we’ve been best friends.

She’s been an amazing example and an amazing friend. She has also been a great support in my going on a mission. I am so thankful for her and all that she’s done for me. Oh, and she is currently going to BYU.

Young Branden Griffiths

Braden Griffiths teen

Braden behind camera

Braden Griffiths close friends