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Way Cool Week 4

Ciao everybody! This week was actually way cool! The days are long but the weeks are fast! It’s crazy to think that I only have 2 weeks left… there’s no way I’ll have enough Italian in two weeks. I can say “atonement” and “restoration” but I have no idea what “store” or “park” is. So that’s the MTC for ya.

Funny Stories

2 Great Look'n Dudes - Rizzo - Me

Two Great Look’n Dudes – Rizzo – Me

So a few funny stories to brighten your day. So, we were teaching about how Joseph Smith received the Priesthood. We explained that three “agnello” (an-yellow) came down to Joseph Smith and gave him the Priesthood.  Well, turns out we should have said “angelo” (an-jello)……. “agnello” means lamb and “angelo” means angel… so three lamb came down to Joseph Smith and gave him the Priesthood. So that’s awkward.

Then in a different lesson we were saying who Joseph Smith gave the priesthood to and we didn’t know how to say worthy men. So Anziano Brooks said “bellisimo”…. uh, no. The investigator started laughing cuz it was so funny. Joseph Smith gave the priesthood to only very beautiful men…  come on.. so that was funny…

Okay another funny story, Elder Brooks was trying to say say “baptism shows”…..mostrar…. but he said baptism monstar…. baptism monster… so we’ve had some rough lessons but its been good and really funny.

Apostle Neil L. Anderson

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