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Christmas – Blood Work – Transfer – Week 13

Well this is gonna be one crazy letter home, from Christmas, to eating horse, to blood work, to getting spaced transferred and closing down
Mantova. You could say it was a long week.

Christmas for Anziano Brooks and Griffiths

Christmas for Anziano Pack and Griffiths

Christmas Eve was good. We went to the Campos house for dinner. They are from Brazil and they are super cool! They have a son on a mission right now in Ogden. He will come home in February. Okay, super funny story… So we’re on the couch waiting for dinner and we’re talking to another member from Brazil who is here on vacation, who they also invited over for dinner. Anyways, we’re talking and we look down and their dog is having its way with this pillow, and I start dying. I can’t help it. I’m trying not to laugh but I’m losing it. So we try to like take the pillow away and get the dog to stop, but he has this death grip on this pillow. So we pick the pillow up and the dog is holding on for dear life in the air but he’s still holding on to the pillow.

I’m losing it at this point and I can’t breathe, I’m laughing so hard. The family is in the kitchen so they have no idea this is going on and we don’t know what to do. We put the pillow back down then finally we just ripped the pillow out from under him and put in on a shelf. It was the funniest dang thing ever. Anyways dinner was super good. We had lots of bread and cheese and meat. And one of the meats was horse. It was good but very chewy. It was weird.

Zambonini Family in Mantova Italy

Zambonini Family in Mantova Italy

For Christmas we went to the Zamboninis all day. Ahhh we had duck and turkey and potatoes and homemade lasagna that was to die for!.  After, we Skyped home, which was amazing! It was super nice to see everyone:)! After we got done Skyping we went down stairs and talked with the family and taught a lesson on the importance of remembering Christ and we gave away 3 Book of Mormons to their other family members. It was a Buon Natale.

Saturday we were doing our studies, nothing out of the ordinary, and all of a sudden we receive this call from president. This was a little different because it’s usually Sorella Dibb who calls. Anyways, I just assumed it was about my health so I get on the phone with him and he
asks me how I’m doing. (Which, is the same answer as always, sick)  Then he said, “Well, we want you to come to Milan to have your blood work done. So here’s what we’re gonna do. I want you to say all of your goodbyes to your members and investigators today and tomorrow.  You’re going to pack your bags and you’re going to say goodbye to your companion at the train station on Monday and you’re going to head to Milan. Your companion is going to get on another train and he’s going to Pordenone.” (It’s North East of Venice)

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