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First Week in Milan – Week 7

Ciao Everyone,

Braden-Griffiths-Mantova-ItWell okay, first about London!! All we did was stay in the airport. I was gonna try to call you but we didn’t have any time. After we made it through security it was time to board the next plane. It was like 2:00am for you anyway, so you were probably sleeping. Anyways, I didn’t get to see any of London. I was never close to a window so I didn’t even get to see it from the air:(  But, on the plane, instead of asking if we had any garbage, they asked if we had any “rubbish” so that made me lol.  Okay, so the flight wasn’t bad at all!! Our family’s flight to Florida was like a million times worse. I slept for like 4-5ish hours to London which was was nice and then for about an hour from London to Milan.

Mission-PizzaThe president picked us up from the airport and we went to the mission office and we had some pizza! It was out of a box so I think it was like a Pizza Hut of Italy. It was decent. Mine was a little burnt but that was okay!! We had fresh fruit like oranges and they were soooooo good!!! And we had fanta and that was yummy.

So then, we had some meetings and they gave us iPads to set up. Then we went to the Duomo!! It was so pretty!! Holy cow it was amazing!!  Like so so so pretty!!! It was incredible. I want to tour it. And I want to come to Italy with a nice camera sooo badly.Duomo,-Milan-Italy

That night we went to the president’s house and had dinner. We had a little pizza, salad, SUPER GOOD lasagne and the some gelato (basically just normal ice cream so not the real stuff…yet) We then went to bed!

The next day we got our trainers and areas!! But you already know that…My companion is Michael Pack. I’ll have him type up a bio about himself. My area is Mantova!! Or Mantua in English. It’s super pretty and they have a really pretty lake that we ride our bikes to on our way to the church. The streets are exactly how I imagined them.
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