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19th Birthday – Week 11

Milan Mission Chums

Milan Mission Chums

Ciao, Ciao Everyone,

birthday-gelato-Well this has been an eventful week, although it seems we  didn’t do a whole lot. However, we did lots of street finding which can make the days really long. So, we like to break those days up with a nice gelato. We tried a new gelatoria and I was convinced it was my new favorite place. It was only 2€ and it was super, super good. Then we went and we tried another new gelatoria. Now I’m convinced it’s my new favorite. It was still only €2 but it was amazing and they gave us more than the other place. Basically anywhere you get gelato is amazing. I don’t think there’s a bad gelatoria!!!

19th Birthday

Also this week I had my birthday!! Officially 19! Wahoo!!! Next year I’ll be 20 and that’s weird. Well, in the morning Anziano Pack made pancakes so that was nice of him! They were pretty good. I usually just have a banana or an orange for breakfast so that was a big breakfast, even though I only had 2 small ones. Then we did our studies. Friday is weekly planning so we plan for our investigators and try to set up appointments and things.

After planning, we went to lunch at the Zamboninis (members house) they made this really good pasta with a cream sauce and beef.  Then we had chicken and mashed potatoes…then we had some oranges…and then they made me a cake! It was really nice of them!! It was different than American cake haha. It was like a mix between a brownie and a cake…kinda, sorta. I don’t really know how to explain it. It was very good though!

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