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Health Issues and Training – Week 9

Hi Family and Friends,

Milan Basilica di San Lorenzo 402 ad

Milan Basilica di San Lorenzo 402 ad

This week was a little different for Braden and he expressed that he wasn’t able to write a typical letter home. He did write, but he spent a lot of time just answering questions that we had for him. So, this week, we are going to give a little breakdown of what is happening in Italy.

Braden’s Health

The main thing that we have been focused on for Braden is his health. Unfortunately, he hasn’t felt well since the day after he got there. He started feeling dizzy, light-headed and also nauseated. He  attributed those symptoms to the fact that he was quite tired from the travel and that he knew there would be several days of recovery from the jet lag. Well, after three days of feeling miserable, he finally mentioned something to his companion. They got Sister Dibb (Mission President’s wife) involved and she set an appointment to see a doctor. The doctor couldn’t diagnose anything at the time and gave Braden a prescription to see if they could pinpoint the problem.  Unfortunately, it didn’t help.

Well, that was 4 weeks ago now and he hasn’t seen any improvement. He feels the most sick right after he wakes up in the morning and also right after eating a meal (Although it is constant throughout the day)  He loves the food but doesn’t have the 18 year old’s appetite that he had before arriving in Italy. He still feels light-headed and they have now asked him not to ride his bike for the time being. He and his companion are out working each day which is a good thing. He is pushing through and enduring this.  He is feeling frustrated, of course, and is just hoping for some relief. He’s trying to stay positive but, after 4 weeks, it is taxing on him.

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Milan Italy Mission – Finally – Week 6

Hello Friends and Family…Since Braden left the MTC for Italy, and we likely won’t hear from him until his next P-Day, this week’s message is brought to you from Dad:)
Dallas-to-London-AirportThe highlight for us this week was talking with Braden, of course, and then being able to track his flights from Salt Lake to Milan. For those that have never tracked a flight before, it was really cool. I’m sure there are several online trackers but the one we used was called FlightAware. The website is  We just put in the airline carrier and the flight number. You can actually see the plane move. Super easy. Next time you have a loved one traveling, check it out.

We did receive a brief email communication from Anziano Wright who is the mission secretary. He infomed us that Braden had arrived safely and that he had received his first companion and assignment. He will be serving with Anziano Pack in a city called Mantova (Also called Mantua) which is southeast from Milan about 80 miles (As the crow flies).  It is about 115 miles by bus and train and will take about 2 hours.

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